I've been in your shoes & I want more sleep for YOU & Your Child. I'm Amy Douglas: a Mother, Pediatric Sleep Consultant, and founder of the  Sleep NEEDS Course & PAT Method Program! Named alongside top Pediatricians & fellow sleep experts as one of the Best Sleep Consultants in the U.S. The Sleep NEEDS Course has helped over 1,000 families from around the globe take back their sleep. Gentle techniques and lasting results = the winning formula!  Results are within reach - but don't just take it from me. Here's what others have to say!

At this point, I am not offering 1-on-1 consultations. The online program will take from start to finish with your little one's sleep, starting with gentle, no-cry techniques before progressing into an optional sleep training. Parents control their own pace and comfort level with crying, along with expert guidance on how to troubleshoot. Your results are important to me & I'm thrilled you have taken the first step in restoring sleep for those that matter most to you! Check out all the programs here! 

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Getting Baby to Sleep & Toddler Sleep Help

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The Sleep NEEDS Course is a GENTLE, RESULTS driven program to help babies & toddlers sleep better INDEPENDENTLY! Sleep NEEDS are essential to your little one's quality of life (& sleep, too)! 

During and after completing the course, you will have access to troubleshoot with me and discuss any concerns. While I no longer do 1-on-1 consults, I am happy to help you once you have learned the foundations of the program.  Your success is important to me. Details on how to book a call are within the program ($45 for 30 mins). 

"Can I just tell you how this course was life-changing?! It was exactly what we needed and I can’t thank you ENOUGH! B went from waking 4-5 times a night EVERY night to now sleeping 11-12 hours consistently! And we didn’t even have to do the sleep training. Yay!” - Amanda P.

Are you feeling


*Does your child struggle with getting enough sleep, regardless of your efforts?

*Do you wish your little one would sleep through the night?

*Are you rocking/comforting to sleep for hours?

*Are naps short & unpredictable?

*Challenging behaviors during the day?

*Toddler running out of his room at night?

*Is your child waking for the day at 4:30am?

*Wish you were more rested & connected?

*Desperate for a better way?


Nodding your head? Find out more about the online sleep courses !

Contact Me!

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"My baby was just 6 months and slept terribly. I believed nothing would work and felt so completely desperate I would of tried anything. Within 2 days we were seeing significant improvement in our son's sleep. Not only did this plan work like a charm, it also helped my husband and I get back on the same page and work together. I highly recommend Amy's services."


Melissa H., Mother to 6 Month Old ~ Cleveland, Ohio

"I wish I would have known about Amy sooner. Zoe went from waking every hour to sleeping through the night in just a couple of days."


Nicole C., Mother to Zoe (5 Months) ~ Arlington, Texas

"Thank you so much Amy for all of your help and support getting our 10 month old to sleep. Your personable, encouraging, and professional approach was exactly what we needed. You've given us the tools and knowledge (and confidence) to handle anything our little boy throws our way!"


Sophie A., Mother to Bodhi (10 Months) ~ Melbourne, AU

"Amy is wonderful! It was so nice to work alongside someone I could feel comfortable with right away... She helped devise a plan that had my baby girl sleeping and napping much better within 4 days!"


Jasmine R., Mother to Lily (1 Year) ~ Chicago, Illinois

Frequently Asked Questions...

I've Already Tried Everything Out There. Can Your Program Still Help?
YES. Folks that make it to my site, are the ones that have already tried EVERYTHING. You are in good company. Here is the difference between me and the mixed bag of advice you've been receiving. Besides being educated in infant & child development & the science of sleep, I take a holistic approach to look at the big picture & fully comprehend a child's needs from their own point of view. I ask you to consider elements from this standpoint, and this is the key to troubleshooting (and making your little one fee comfortable).
What is the Minimum Age YOU Suggest "Sleep Training" a Baby?
While my programs are designed for Newborns - .5 Years, when it comes to sleep training, I put the breaks on when they are itty bitty! Most sleep professionals agree that 6 months is a great age to start, and certainly no younger than 4 months. You may find other there are sleep consultants out there that are happy to work with newborns. I've found in my experience that working with babies 5 months & up produces lasting results, which parents so desperately crave. However, there are several things you can do from birth onwards to help your newborn baby adapt a little easier, so hopefully sleep training will not be necessary by the 5 month mark. For this reason, I offer a package from birth - 4 months that centers around shaping your baby's sleep. I even offer an Expectant Parent Sleep Course.
Will You Suggest My Baby Have to Cry-It-Out (CIO) if I Take an Online Course?
The short answer is no. The long answer is this: While some respond well to the CIO sleep intervention, this is not optimal for many parents and children alike. Sleep training involves much more than crying. Sure, there will be tears with the PAT Method, but you can comfort your child during this process without leaving them to cry alone. I mentioned earlier that I am nonjudgemental, and I stand by that. My personal feelings towards Cry-It-Out are neither here nor there, because this isn't about me - its about YOU and YOUR BABY. 


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Columbus Sleep Consultant,sleep training, baby sleep, newborn care, baby won't sleep, how to get baby to sleep
Columbus Sleep Consultant,sleep training, baby sleep, newborn care, baby won't sleep, how to get baby to sleep
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